"The Devil & God Are Raging Inside of Me"  “Brand new sucks lol”

No they don’t be nice
the only times I've ever met any of them were from running into them around Long Island. they're a lot more engaging and down to earth than I had expected.
after their gig in Italy last april, Vin was just hanging outside the venue talking with fans, signing stuff etc. Brian and Garret were just loading gear back in their truck, which was parked right in front of the venue. didn't find Jesse.

Brand New on Flickr.
i saw BN in kentucky over the summer. the venue was small and there was a ton of construction, so the bus had to park in front of the venue and unload in front of the venue and if the guys wanted out, they had to get out in front of the venue. a few people went up to jesse and vincent and they seemed sorta annoyed (but i only saw this from afar). jesse did say something to us in line at one point though so yeah. I feel like this was a very rare case.

cool, thanks for sharing! 

does anyone get to meet brand new before or after the venue

I’ve never heard much of people meeting them like that. I met Jesse once as he was driving away from a venue, but it’s not really a normal occurrence that I’m aware of.

What kind of experience do you all have with this?